Get Gaming! Top Five Games For Teddy Lovers

The mobile app market is certainly not awash with games for the teddy bear fanatic. There are some great games and apps out there, but not a huge range. So here are those we think it is worth having a Read More

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Loveable Teddy Bears From the Past

Bears at bedtime. What could be nicer than to snuggle up for a bedtime story, featuring your favourite character – the teddy bear? Since the popularity teddies took off in the 1902, there have been endless stories written about these Read More

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Six Top Retro Toys That Everyone Should Have in their Collection

Was it the picture on a wooden jigsaw puzzle? Was it a battered old box containing a Lotto game? Or a Matchbox car? We all have moments of being transported back in time, right into the recesses of our childhood Read More

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The History of the Care Bears

Care Bears have such a warm place in our hearts, but have you ever wondered where it all began? Here we give you a potted history of the Care Bears. Perhaps you can spot the place in their history when Read More

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Teddy Troubleshooting

There comes a point in every bear’s life when things just aren’t what they used to be. They may feel a bit flat, feel grubby, and a little tired. A bear can work so hard at being loved, that it Read More

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Celebrity Bears

All bears are stars to their owners. But what about the bears of the Stars themselves? There are more than you might think! There are political bears, Royal bears and Hollywood bears. Here is a rundown of some famous bears Read More

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The Life Cycle Of A Teddy Bear

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Bake Off With Bears!

Britain has gone baking crazy! With The Great British Bake Off proving an unlikely success, it seems that cake and biscuit baking is going through a revival. If your children love teddies and you want activities to keep them occupied Read More

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Why Kids Just Love Teddy Bears

As an avid reader of teddy bear facts, as I’m sure you are, you will probably already know the fact that Teddy Bears first appeared in the early 1900′s and were named after then U.S President Theadore Roosevelt. Children quickly Read More

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How To Paint A Teddy Bear

Teddy bear fans are very creative people, and we are often asked for help with painting and drawing bears. We have already posted an article on how to draw a bear, which proved to be a great hit with readers. Read More

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Bears Make Things Better

Have you ever thought of sending a teddy bear to a charity organisation? Maybe you should. Teddy bears are known to provide real and lasting comfort to children in disaster areas. Here we explore why this might be, and what Read More

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How To Make a Teddy Bear?

When you were young you are likely to have been given a teddy bear. Whether you still have it or not, that little stuffed toy is likely to have had a profound effect on the way you perceive things around Read More

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Top Teddy Bear and Soft Toy Companies Of All Time!

Steiff Steiff is one of the most desirable teddy bear brands in the world. Founded in Germany in 1880, Steiff originally created stuffed elephants and pin cushions for friends, and it wasn’t until 1902 that Steiff would create what would Read More

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Why is crafting becoming so popular?

When I was younger my Grandmother would make me things. I’d visit her to find sewn cat puppets, handkerchiefs with my name on them, and once an item I’ve kept with me my whole life – a delightful teddy bear Read More

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