Charity Bears for Kian’s Gift in Sunderland

Today we’re sending off some promotional Sherwood teddy bears to Kian’s Gift in Sunderland who have ordered some with their logo on and slogan “Making memories together”

They are a children’s charity who have a caravan at Haggerston Castle in Northumberland and via the Kian’s Gift scheme let sick children and their families stay there.

The scheme is named after Wearside four-year-old Kian Armstrong, who is currently battling cancer.

Be sure to visit their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Lianne owns Ready Teddy Go which offers it's own brand of Personalised Teddy Bears. This isn't her first business, she is also the owner of Online Gifts and Gadgets website All Things Gifts. She loves teddy bears and has a collection of over 1000 Disney Winnie the Pooh Beanies which is where her idea of starting All Things Gifts came from and from the knowledge she's gained from running this business she then setup Ready Teddy Go.
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