Free Halloween Teddy Bear Pumpkin Carving Templates

Not long now til Halloween and it’s time to start thinking about your pumpkin as lets face it, it’s not Halloween without a glowing pumpkin by your front door or in your window! Here at Ready Teddy Go it wouldn’t be Halloween without a teddy bear themed pumpkin so see below for two teddy bear templates which you can download and print out on to A4 paper to use to make your own teddy bear themed pumpkins.

Things you will need:-

A4 Paper


Large Pumpkin (or you can re-size the image for smaller pumpkins)

Metal Skewer

Large Spoon

Small and Large Serrated Knives.

What to do:

1. Use the large knife to cut a big hole in the top of your pumpkin that’s just larger than an adults fist. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle.

2. Scoop out the flesh using the spoon.

3. Fix the design template onto the pumpkin using cello tape or you can wet the design with water and trace around the shape by poking a skewer along the line of the shape so a sort of big dot to dot!

4. Once you have scored the whole template, remove from the pumpkin.

5. Carve the design using the small serrated knife. Remove the cut-out pumpkin and tidy up the edges.

6. Light your pumpkin with a tea light.

Halloween top tip:
Don’t forget that you can use your pumpkin to make pumpkin soap or pie after Halloween so it doesn’t go to waste or if this isn’t your cup or tea then don’t forget to put it out with your other food waste for collection.

Children should be supervised at all times.

Happy Halloween! from Ready Teddy Go

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Lianne owns Ready Teddy Go which offers it's own brand of Personalised Teddy Bears. This isn't her first business, she is also the owner of Online Gifts and Gadgets website All Things Gifts. She loves teddy bears and has a collection of over 1000 Disney Winnie the Pooh Beanies which is where her idea of starting All Things Gifts came from and from the knowledge she's gained from running this business she then setup Ready Teddy Go.
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