Get Gaming! Top Five Games For Teddy Lovers

The mobile app market is certainly not awash with games for the teddy bear fanatic. There are some great games and apps out there, but not a huge range. So here are those we think it is worth having a look at.

Teddy Floppy Ear Mountain Adventure

Teddy Floppy Ear is our top pick for graphics and game play. This polished and assured offering from ForeverEntert now comes in three versions: Teddy Floppy Ear Mountain Adventure, Teddy Floppy Ear Kayaking, and Teddy Floppy Ear The Race. The eponymous bear is based on a well-known Polish cartoon character. All the games in the series promote learning through play. In Mountain Teddy Floppy Ear goes to visit his uncle in the mountains. His uncle is an artist, and Teddy Floppy Ear must find colours and mix them to help him out. He also looks for shapes and artist’s tools.  On the way he is set a number of mini game challenges, to keep game play fresh. The game has soothing music, beautiful graphics and is violence free. Aimed at children of 4+, this is a really good quality game. iPad and iPhone compatible.

You can watch a trailer of Teddy Floppy Ear’s Mountain Adventure below on You Tube.

Teddy Bear Maker

This free, and top-rated App by Orca Inc. enables you to make your own teddy bear, virtually! Teddy Bear Maker is simple to use, and comes with fifteen different patterns for you to cut, ‘sew’ and assemble. You just choose a pattern, and cut and sew it before customising it to your own taste. There are more than seventy outfits for you to choose for your little bear, one hundred accessories and over thirty props. Together you have enough combinations to make a million unique styles. That should be enough for any teddy fan. You can take a snap of your completed bear in a photo with you to show your friends too, on Facebook or by email. Also, look out for the Sports version at low cost. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch compatible. Also available on GooglePlay as an Android App.

You can watch a trailer of Teddy Bear Maker below on You Tube.

Teddy Bear Machine

This android App is available at Google Play. Teddy Bear Machine is one of the brilliant ‘arcade’ style games, like Coin Dozer. You can now enjoy trying to snag a teddy bear with a virtual claw, without wasting lots of money. But you will need extra skills to complete this game. It’s not all about ‘claw timing’. You must pick items up against the clock, and working your way up a number of levels in order to win. You are given sixty free levels, and can purchase more if you want to keep going. Since the game is addictive, this is highly likely! You control the claw through touch screen commands – the claw follows your finger, in effect. You tap to open and then close the claw, which means you really do have the precision-timing element of the original game too.

You can watch a trailer of Teddy Bear Machine below on You Tube.

Talking Teddy Bear

Talking toy apps have been around for a while, but this one is possibly the best we have found, due to the graphics and interactive nature of the software. As well as being really cute, Teddy Bear will repeat back anything you say in his own sweet voice. You can use it to record a message for friends or just play with it to amuse yourself. He dances too, and will fall asleep when he is tired. You can touch him and he will react. A lovely distraction for children of all ages. Available for Apple and Android devices.

You can watch a trailer of Talking Teddy Bear below on You Tube.

Teddy Factory

Simple, but effective, Teddy Factory comes from games giant, Big Fish. The basic premise is that you are running a teddy-making factory, and must keep up with rapidly mounting orders and demanding customers. It has forty-five levels to keep you on your toes, and three difficulty levels. You need to keep up with orders, matching precise requirements, with matching and precision aiming skills. Will you be able to match the orders to keep the factory ticking over? You can work your way up through the factory, winning the chance to make bigger and better toys. It is a game for quick thinking older children and adults. We think you will love it.

Looking into the Future…

We are always looking for new and exciting developments in teddy bear world, and we thought we would flag up the new 3D games, which are gaining in popularity – although they are not widely available yet. This exciting game, developed by a Lithuanian student, could be the future.


This is an ‘augmented reality’ teddy bear game, which won the MPA Best App Award in 2012. The developers, Tag of Joy, are attempting to push the boundaries with their new games, and BearCare certainly does that. The game has two modes. You can simply cuddle your bear, feed him and play games with him. Or, in the game mode, you must protect him from dangerous evil bears in a fast-paced action game. It all takes place with engaging 3D bears, which a wonderful to interact with. If this sounds hard to imagine, look at the demonstration of Tag of Joy’s website, and you can see what it is all about. Innovative and distinctly different, we think BearCare will make you think outside the box.
You can watch an intriguing development trailer for BearCare at Tag of Joy’s website, here.

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