Memory Teddy Bears make a Wonderful Keepsake

Throughout history teddy bears have been a popular gift to give to children. Children as young as 3 months old are given soft toys and many of them stay with a child throughout their life. They really do make terrific keepsakes and they are associated with memories more than anything else. For children they can also be a best friend; a person to eat with, a person to take on adventures, a person to sleep with, a person to talk to and a person to love. As your baby grows up and out of their baby clothes, a fantastic idea is to collect the most memorable ones and store them in a safe place. Teddy bears and other soft toys can be made out of any child friendly materials including your old babies clothing.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a teddy bear made out of these?

A teddy bear which is hand made from your child’s old clothing is a wonderful gift and keepsake which will be cherished for tens of years to come. A regular teddy bear may be made or bought with love but a teddy bear made from personal items is something extra special. It is something that will stay in the family forever.

At Ready Teddy Go we love this idea and we’ve come across Cwtch and Cherish Keepsakes, a  business based in Cardiff, South Wales, which will take your old baby clothes and make a teddy bear out of them or even a special blanket. These memory bears and memory blankets are made to order by hand and the business is in huge demand with waiting lists.

The possibilities are endless as far as your bears design is concerned; you can send in an unlimited amount of items of any type. Popular items sent in include baby clothes, child clothes, adult clothes, christening robes, school uniforms and bedding / blankets. These can be combined to create a bear which holds tens of memories.

As well as sending in personal items, memory bears and memory blankets can also be personalised with machine embroidery at extra cost. No matter the condition if your clothing Cwtch seem to be able to create wonderful products. Their gallery is a particular highlight showcasing the different types of bear they have lovingly created for customers.

Cwtch and Cherish Keepsakes have a Facebook page with over 3,000 fans and lots of activity. Be sure to like the page and join in on the discussion.

Be sure to also checkout Bub’s Bears who also make memory bears and also bears out of fabric.

Teddy bears as well as other stuffed animals are wonderful gifts to give a child. Memory bears are even better because they are cherished by the whole family and hold significant sentimental value.

Memory bears and memory blankets are also a popular keepsake for mummies and daddies who have lost a loved one. They represent a child’s life and preserve a child’s memories. These are almost always preserved and cherished for all of time although some families opt to pass on this valuable keep sake to a new born in the future. This way, the newborn will be close to the sibling they will never meet.

Memory bears are also a nice keepsake to place at the burial site of a loved one.

Whatever reason you are interested in having a memory bear made, they are always made to represent the lives of a loved one. They do this incredibly well and there is no other item on earth that’s as personal.

A good idea is to send in a mixture of children’s clothes and adult clothes. Perhaps what daddy or mummy wore on the child’s birthday as well as a child’s favourite jacket?

Making your own memory bear

Of course, you don’t have to pay somebody else to make you a memory bear. You could make it yourself!

Creative Bug have a great guide on how to make memory bears and there are also plenty of teddy bear templates that can be used as the basis of a memory bear located at Sewing Support.

We recommend knitting / making a few test bears before you start to cut up your prized children’s clothing up, though!

Teddy bears only became popular after 1900. In many ways we feel sorry for children growing up prior to the 1900′s, as before this date there were no teddy bears at all, with the first examples being spawned in Germany and the US. Memory bears date back as far as the late 1930′s when women would knit bears for their children out of old clothes during the Second World War, although these were not colourful nor particularly charming compared to 2013′s generation, given the fashion of the time.

Do you have a memory bear from when you were little? Are you inspired to get your very own memory bear or blanket made soon? Be sure to share your thoughts with Ready Teddy Go by commenting below.

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