Teddy Bear Artists

What is a teddy bear artist?

A teddy bear artist is someone who designs and makes their own teddy bears from scratch. These bears are usually jointed and made from Mohair or Alpaca. These teddy bears are a one off so a great unqiue gift, however as they are handmade they are quite expensive as your would expect as a lot of time goes into each one. Teddy Bear artists are all over the world and most seem to do commissioned pieces whereby they can make a bear to the customers specification.

There are also various shows and award shows whereby you can meet various Teddy Bear artists and buy their latest creations or as most say ‘adopt’ a new furry friend.

These bears are collectors items and not usually suitable for children under 14 years of ages however some artists can make bears for younger children.

Below are two teddy bear artists that we came across in the UK who we think deserve a mention as they have both won awards and their bears are very cute and made with a high attention to detail.

Elgie Bears of York

Elgie Bears is owned by Sue Elgie of York and has been making bears for 14 years. Her bears have been featured in the Teddy Bear Times and Teddy Bear Club International magazines. She also does her own teddy bear making courses if you want to learn how to make teddy bears. Visit her website www.elgiebears.com for more information. She sources most of her supplies from companies in the UK but the Mohair and Alpaca comes from a company in Germany and she also dies some of the fabric herself to get the exact colour match. A large teddy bear can take about 2 to 3 days to make after a new pattern has been made for the unqiue bear which can take several hours to get it perfect.

Hugglets lists many Teddy Bear artists from around the world and also has information regarding teddy bear fairs and award shows and also has a Teddy Bear Guide which you can purchase each year.

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