Teddy Bear Magazines – Essential Subscriptions for Teddy Bear-aholics!

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably addicted to teddy bears. Whether you collect them, make them yourself, or have an underlying passion for them which stems from childhood, we can relate – we do and have all of these things!

So, over the years, we’ve found ourselves constantly on the lookout for ways to keep up with the world of teddy bears. We have come across many great blogs, magazines and in recent years social media handles, and we would like to pass on this knowledge to you. Why? Because once a teddy bear enthusiast, always a teddy near enthusiast, and we think of teddy bear lovers as a whole community of people from around the world.

So, wherever you are, whatever your passion, here’s who we recommend you check out to keep up to date with the latest teddy bear news, trends, and updates!

Print Magazines

Print isn’t dead – it’s just being overwhelmed by the convenience of online media. Although almost all of these printed magazines are available online in some form, there’s nothing more satisfying than flicking through real pages and casting gaze upon well printed images. If you feel the same, we recommend:

Teddy Bear & Friends

This is a fantastic print magazine that is always jam-packed full of information on teddy bears and all of the latest models you simply must add to your collection. Teddy Bear & Friends is published six times a year (or once every two months), and pricing is extremely reasonable. It even ships internationally!

Teddy Bear Review

Teddy Bear Review is one of those magazines that once you’re subscribed to, you wish you had found it sooner! Simply, this magazine is excellent, will full-colour photographs of stunning new and vintage teddy bears and lots of informative articles. Like Teddy Bear & Friends, this magazine is published six times a year.

Teddy Bear Times

If you’re in the UK, this magazine is for you! Teddy Bear Times Magazine is the UK’s only printed publication that’s dedicated to the world of teddies! This magazine is published six times a year, and each issue is reasonably priced, at around £5.83. There are lots of interesting stories in this magazine, including lots of how-to’s!

Online Magazines

Reading magazines online is the new and ‘in’ thing – it’s simply more convenient to read online publications than it is magazines. Whilst you won’t be able to enjoy the wonders of print, if you’re looking for online teddy bear magazines, we recommend:

Bears and Buds

Bears and Buds is an online, monthly teddy bear magazine, that’s full of fantastic information for teddy bear lovers and collectors. This website could do with a serious refresh, but the content is good, and for that reason this comes recommended. Bears and Buds is also on Facebook.

Teddy Bear News

Teddy Bear news isn’t so much a magazine – it’s simply a website with lots of fantastic information on teddy bears. You are free to roam around this website, which has tons of portraits on teddy bears and other cuddly stuffed creatures! There is also a German version of this online magazine available.

Teddy Bear Blogs

Blogging was one of the very first forms of social media, and today, it’s bigger than ever! Almost everyone we know has a blog or knows somebody who owns one. They are a great way to keep up to date with news, so here’s our favourite teddy bears blogs (other than our own, of course):

The Bear Club

This is my personal favourite teddy bear blog – it is always full of awesome content including updates on teddy bear events in your local area! It also features its own forum, shop, and has a dedicated team who are happy to chat to you about stuffed toys. Users can submit their own photo’s and The Bear Club will even post them. Awesome!

Totally Teddy Bears

This blog is one which I check up on around once per month – it’s very informational, with lots of teddy bear history and helpful members who go out of their way to identify peoples vintage toys! If you want to brush up on your teddy bear brands’ history, this is definitely the place to start.

Sreetz Bears

Sreetz Bears is an awesome blog which shows real passion for its subject area. It regularly posts updates of cute, desirable and sometimes very rare bears from around the web, and also lots unique items found on auction website eBay. Although this site lacks the informational value of Totally Teddy Bears or the shopping appeal of The Bear Club, it’s worthy of your RSS feed.

Social Media Handles

Now, we dive into social media, a world filled with every passion you could dream of – including teddy bears! Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, here’s who you should be following online (these were all chosen because they’re not filled with spam):

Steiff (Facebook)

Steiff manufacture some of the most desirable and highest quality bears in the world. With an incredibly rich history behind them, as well as some of the most iconic stuffed toy designs, we recommend you like and follow their Facebook page for updates on stuffed toys and the latest offers.

Charlie Bears (Facebook)

If you’re on Facebook, another page you should like and follow (other than our own and Steiff, of course) is Charlie Bear’s page, which has information on all of the latest deals and lots of posts from customers and teddy bear enthusiasts.

Lost Teddy Bear@lostteddybear

Have you ever lost a teddy bear? It can be a truly heartbreaking moment, but don’t give up hope! Lost Teddy Bear wants to help. Also on Pinterest, this social media handle is a database for lost and found teddy bears and other stuffed plush toys. Be sure to follow for peace of mind!

Teddy M. Bear@thisbear

Teddy M. Bear is a humour account – essentially, it’s a Twitter handle that claims to be operated by… a teddy bear called Teddy M. Bear! Be sure to follow this account for funny updates and to chat about teddy bears and other stuffed toys.

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