Teddy Bears Picnic Party Ideas

Every adult and child loves a family picnic. It is the thrill of adventure, new memories and great food which makes a picnic a picnic. If your little one loves teddy bears, a fantastic birthday or special occasion idea is to have a teddy bears picnic in the true style of American composer John Walter Bratton’s song “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”.

The beauty of the teddy bears picnic is that it is fantastic for all ages. Everybody when they were young had a soft toy of some form, and a picnic tailored towards a child’s needs is sure to bring back some heart warming memories. A picnic with teddy bears isn’t just perfect for the family, either; your little one could bring lots of friends who like to play with teddy bears. This is a sure way of creating a day that will be remembered for a life time.

So when sun starts to shine and the British weather gets better, take your little one on a teddy bears picnic for some high quality family time.

Here are some wonderful ideas for your teddy bear picnic:-

No teddy bear picnic would be complete without playing the teddy bears picnic song. If you have a smartphone or iPod with Bluetooth, you could upload the song to your device and purchase a cheap Bluetooth wireless speaker. This will allow you to play music without headphones on your day out.

Once you get to your picnic spot you will want to be able to lay down in comfort. A blanket is thoroughly recommended for this but for an authentic teddy bears picnic, it simply has to be red and white chequered. Also consider looking in to light-weight, portable camping chairs, because children love to get tired whilst out and about!

You can use a teddy bear cutter to make teddy bear shaped sandwiches, sponge cakes or cookies and the kids can help you to make these or decorate one of the cakes. This is a fantastic way to build anticipation for the big day, and for this reason, it’s best to bake all of your home made goodies the day before the big trip.

You can also use the cutter to cut out teddy bear shaped fruit pieces. This however can be quite tricky and messy, so instead you could simply display the food in teddy bear shaped serving dishes, or as a snack have teddy bear shaped crisps. There are also chocolate and plain biscuits that can be bought which are shaped as animals.

Use could also use the teddy grahams, fun size milky-ways or other small chocolate bar and smarties to make these cute teddy bear cars! I’m sure the kids would love helping make these!

If you are feeling really adventurous then you could buy a teddy bear cake tin and make a teddy bear birthday cake.

or cheat and get an experienced cake maker to make you one!

Everybody loves jelly and it’s so cheap to make! Bear shaped jelly will certainly make your picnic and all you need are jelly cubes, hot water and a bear shaped jelly bowl. These types of bowl can be bought online or your local supermarket may have them.

You could serve soft drinks in teddy bear cups and food on teddy bear printed paper plates. This is a good way to minimise washing up as everything can simply be thrown away.

You could play teddy bear pass the parcel, a game which all children are familiar with.

Playing traditional party games like statues, musical bumps, musical chairs, sleeping lions etc. with teddy bear music is a great way to create a party atmosphere. Teddy bear hide and seek where a big bear not belonging to any of the kids can be hidden and the kids have to find him or her and win a prize.

You could do crafts with the kids. If you have a wounded teddy bear, bring it along and show the kids how you mend a teddy bears ear or foot. This is very educational and helps children to understand re-use and recyclability.

Children love to paint and get messy! On your teddy bears picnic you could pack child safe paints which are soluble and have the kids paint an amazing teddy bear. Due to being soluble, you could also let the kids paint a small teddy bear on a nearby rock, which will wash off as soon as it rains, but the kids won’t know that!

What will the world be like in 100 years from now? You can have a fantastic fun-packed hour with the kids by burying a time capsule which contains one precious object from the children’s lives. This could be a small teddy bear figurine, or something of small intrinsic value that the children are happy to give up. Burying a time capsule in not hazardous to the environment so long as it is made from natural materials.

Pack a teddy bear costume – this isn’t for the faint hearted! So long as the weather is okay, packing a fancy dress costume and changing in to it whilst the children are under the supervision of another appropriate adult is one of the best ways to get a party started. You could have the children chase you and turn it in to a game, where the winner gets a prize.

You could light a small fire and tell stories about teddy bears; this is perfect if you are going on a small camping trip or even during the day for a picnic. Just remember to put out the fire once you are done, and ensure that you are allowed to create one where you are going.

On your way back, offer the children something special; perhaps a hardboiled egg painted with a teddy bear on it?

Overall, there are endless ideas that you can turn in to reality at your teddy bear picnic. Some of the ones listed above are extremely cost effective and so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of them before.

Do you have any other ideas for a teddy bears picnic? If you do, be sure to let us know by commenting below and we may very well add them to our teddy bear picnic list.

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